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Photography for your business, examples and testimonials


About the sessions

With Veetamo we have had multiple sessions depending on her needs. We have had outside sessions to help her market her Yoga -business, we have taken studio portraits and pictures of her offering her "Gong baths".

What Veetamo has to say:

"I have never liked having my picture taken. I've always felt shy and awkward in front of the camera. This is how the photo session with Saku also started, but after 5 minutes I had forgotten all about it and relaxed. Saku created a calm and safe environment witch made it possible to relax and enjoy . I never thought I would say it but it was actually quite fun. On top of that the results were amazing. With all my heart I can warmly recommend Saku as a photographer"


about the session

Uday is a personal trainer and he wanted good pictures to help market his services so we went to the gym he works at to shoot him in action.

What Uday has to say:

"Saku had the intuitive eye to take the right photos I needed"


about the sessions

Johanna works in the fashion industry as a pattern cutter and a designer. She was creating a website and needed pictures that portrayed her professionalism and made the website welcoming. 

What Johanna had to say

"Saku took some wonderful photos of my studio and me at work for my new website.  I wasn’t quite sure what I needed to make the website work – but Saku knew! 
He delivered a selection of really high quality photos that have made my website look amazing. 
Thank you!"


About the session

Bente decided to become a full time entrepreneur and needed to make a website. She specialises in massage, mindfullness and ManuVision, a type of holistic training. She needed pictures to fill her website and really show herself to the world.

What Bente had to say:

"It was very easy and relaxed process to have my photos taken by Saku. He creates  a very loving and natural atmosphere that helped me to feel free and happy to be my self. He has wonderful patience and gives very inspiring instructions and ideas to try new things . I am just surprised how much life-energy he could catch in me and my work and transform it into photos !"